You're Invited to U.S.C. 2013!

The Jiu-Jitsu and Strength Academy Presents "Ultimate Strength Challenge" 2013
We would like to personally invite you to take place the JSA's inaugural strongman event the Ultimate Strength Challenge 2013!

The event will feature Male and Female Novice and Amatuer Divisions.
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Event Details

Events and Times

Friday, September 6th, 2013

5.00 PM Day Before Weigh-ins Start
8.00 PM Day Before Weigh-ins End

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

8.00 AM Weigh-ins / Registration
9.30 AM Rules Meeting
10.00 AM
  • Max Deadlift at 18"
    3 Attempts, no misses
11.15 AM (Appx)
  • Keg / Husafell Stone Distance Carry
    Novice Lightweight Men: 200 Keg
    Novice Heavyweight Men / Light Weight Men: 250 Keg
    Heavyweight Men: 350 Husafell
    Women's Novice / Lightweight Women: 130 Keg
    Heavyweight Women: 175 Keg
1.30 PM (Appx)
  • Press Medley: DB / Axle / Log / Keg or Block (TBD)
    Novice Lightweight Men: 130/180/200/150
    Novice Heavyweight Men / Light Weight Men: 150/200/220/170
    Heavyweight Men: 180/230/250/200
    Women's Novice / Lightweight Women: 65/90/100/75
    Heavyweight Women: 80/120/150/100
2:45 PM (Appx)
    • Tire Flipping
      Novice Lightweight Men:
         550lb Tire
      Novice Heavyweight Men / Light Weight Men:
         1100lb Tire = 15 reps
         700lb Tire = 1 rep
      Heavyweight Men:
         1100lb Tire = 10 repsĀ 
         700lb Tire = 1 rep
      Women's Novice / Lightweight Women:
         350lb Tire
      Heavyweight Women:
        700lb Tire = 5 reps
        550lb Tire = 1 rep
4.00 PM
  • Loading Medley Stone/Natural Stone/Sandbag/Keg (men at 48” women at 44”)
    Novice Lightweight Men: 170/200/200/200
    Novice Heavyweight Men / Light Weight Men: 225/250/250/250
    Heavyweight Men: 250/330/250/300
    Women's Novice / Lightweight Women: 115/130/100/130
    Heavyweight Women: 155/170/150/175

Register to join the U.S.C.!

USC Divisions

Divisions and Weigh Classes for Competitors

Men's Light-Weight Novice First Event, Under 231lbs
Men's Heavy-Weight Novice First Event, Over 231lbs
Men's Light-Weight Under 231lbs
Men's Heavy-Weight Over 231lbs
Women's Light-Weight Novice First Event, Under 151lbs
Women's Heavy-Weight Novice First Event, Over 151lbs
Women's Light-Weight Under 151lbs
Women's Heavy-Weight Over 151lbs


Compete in the event or come and watch!

$5 Spectator Fee

Come down to check out the USC and support your friends, family or check out an amazing event. Please pay for your regsitration at the day of the event.

Pay the Day of Event

$45 Competitor Free

if you plan on competing in the event, please register and pay for the registration online. All payments are processed securely with PayPal.


During the event, there will be food available as well as sponsors providing information, free samples and more!


Regsiter for the event now, cutoff day is 9/1/13

We look forward to seeing you at the event! If you have any questions, please contact:

Ryan Buchanan "Buck" (JSA Manager)
Cell: (860)301-8606

Matthew Bryers (JSA Owner)
Cell: (860)869-4843